Monday, August 31, 2020

Time to Refactor

GMT Panzer IV Unit Card

I've been spending most of my time rewriting major portions of the code to accommodate weapon systems and their ammunition. Each unit now has weapons that can have multiple ammunition types. Weapons can be a "main" weapon. Although each unit has one or more main weapons, most units only have one.

Weapon systems consist of:

  • Guns
    • AP Direct
    • AP Indirect
    • GP Direct
    • GP Indirect
  • MMG
  • Leg Unit Intrinsic Weapons (Rifle, Infantry, SMG)
  • Attached Crew Served Weapons for leg units:
    • Attached AP Direct (i.e Panzerfaust, M1 Bazooka, RPzB 43/54)
    • Attached GP Direct (i.e BM41, GrW 36)
    • Attached GP Indirect (i.e German GrW 34 Mortar)

I have added a number of other items to each unit:

  • A unit's main weapon data is now displayed along the top of each card.
  • A number of combat vehicle units have coaxial MGs which are indicated by the boxed number in the unit's GP ammunition under "Point Blank" range.
  • Leg unit cards only display the relevant leg unit data. If the unit is a Rifle Squad, the SMG, Section and Infantry data is hidden.
  • Leg units now only display gunnery range data for either full squad or for half squad units. If the unit is a half-squad, only the half-squad data is shown. This makes data intel gathering simpler and easier to decipher.
  • If a leg unit has attached crew served weapons assigned to them, they are readily available for reference on the same leg unit card.
  • Leg units now have their ammunition limits
  • GP Effectiveness is now displayed for each ammunition type.
  • Unit grade is displayed at the top of each unit card.
  • Points values for each unit is displayed at the top right of the unit card. Leg units with attached crew served weapons display the total point value of the unit and all attached weapons.
  • Unit cards display formation symbol.
  • Notes and basic game armour are displayed the bottom left.

I still need to implement leg unit "Sections". This shouldn't be too difficult, since all of the "leg work" has already been done.


Kev said...

This is looking really good and must be a real labour of love. Any further updates?

8traxx said...

Thx! Still working away. Having some difficulty working on the user interface for the distribution of commands. I'm finding it a little tricky to implement a simple system for selecting unit(s) for each command and displaying it graphically. Definitely don't want it to be cumbersome for the user and this is definitely slowing me down.