Friday, May 1, 2020

Unit Weapon Range and Hexes in Line of Sight

This is pretty cool :) I've added a mechanism to display a unit's range for it's longest weapon. You can select the range you would like to display, and the map will show you all of the hexes that are within that range and line of sight (LOS) for that unit. It takes a lot of the "guesswork" out of play and provides a lot of invaluable info for the player.

Let's take the German Panther out for a stroll...

If we focus on the "Offensive Information" area of the Panther's data card, you'll notice the 3 rows of ammunition...

The Panther has 3 different types of ammunition to choose from when attacking an enemy. Range factors for each ammo are denoted by a single letter. At the top of the image above are the letters:

P = Point Blank Range
S = Short Range
M = Medium Range
L = Long Range
E = Extended Range

Each ammunition type has both a Range (R) and a Penetration (P) value for each of the 5 range factors. For example, the first row is "AP", or Armour Piercing. We can locate the point blank range factor for the AP weapon by looking under the column "P". We see that at point blank range, the Panther has a range (R) of 4 hexes and a penetration (P) value of 32.

For the same AP ammunition, the Panther's short range (S) is 8 hexes. At medium range, the Panther can fire it's AP ammo 14 hexes. The maximum range the Panther can fire it's AP ammo is at extended range, which is a range of 24 hexes.

The 3rd row represents the unit's GP, or General Purpose ammunition. At point blank range, the ammo can fire up to 6 hexes. GP fire can reach 38 hexes at extended (E) range.

The player can select a range factor (P, S, M, L or E) and display all of the hexes on the map that are at that range and in line of sight...

The "P" button (at top middle) is selected. This button highlights all hexes that are in
line of sight and at a point blank range of 6 of the German Panther's GP ammunition.

Note the "E" button is selected at the top of the screen. The Panther can obviously see a lot more hexes at extended (E) range. Extended range for this unit's longest ammunition, which is GP, is 38 hexes. Since the map is 38 hexes wide, it has the ability to see clear across the board from one end to the other, as long as it has line of sight.

The screen above has hexes highlighted in green for the unit's extended (E) range of it's GP ammunition. Establishing which hexes can be seen on the table top version of the game would be a long process.

Here's a video demonstrating this feature. Turn on your subtitles! I hope you enjoy it :) Don't forget to subscribe!


Douglas Swanson said...

Very nice tutorial! Everyone you release I get more excited to play! Keep up the good work!

8traxx said...

Much appreciated Douglas :) Looking forward to the day when I can release it.

madDdog67 said...

Amazing! Good luck with the project. I'm just getting back into Panzer and other board games after a mini painting and then a video game break of several months. I play almost all of my Panzer solo, so this is right up my alley.

8traxx said...

Thanks. I'm looking forward to releasing it :)