Monday, March 16, 2020

Bresenham and Line of Sight in Panzer

So you say you want to calculate line of site on a hex based digital map...

Lines are made up of individual pixels. But which pixels?

Thursday, March 12, 2020


The base game comes with a single paper hexagonal map. It contains a variety of terrain features, hills, gullies, cover as well as a number of paths, roads and crossings. Villages are represented as wood, stone and brick buildings, some with alleyways. Hedgerows and walls are sparsely located, but add a level of complexity to the project.


Tiger I counter represents
a single unit on the map.
Each tank (or unit) is represented by a counter. Players have a number of counters that they command. Each counter contains various pieces of important information, including whether the vehicle has tracks, halftracks or wheels, as well as the speed of the unit across roads, paths and open country.

Let's get rolling!

GTM Panzer basic game. There
are a number of expansions that
are available as well.
I want to convert the GMT Panzer series war game to a desktop computer game.

I'm going to add an intelligent system that provides an artificial enemy. 

And then I will play this game solo.